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Granite Countertops in Raleigh, NC

Marble Colors

Marble, Limestone and Travertine have distinct veining characteristics. Unlike granite, they are each more porous stones; they scratch and the polished luster will turn dull over time with use. Please read marble care instructions for proper care. If you are interested in a patina appearance, this stone may be the stone you desire. Commercially, any stone capable of taking a polish (with the exception of granite) is known as marble. This includes travertine, onyx, serpentine and limestone.
Because of its softer nature, our company does not recommend the use of Marble for kitchen countertops.

Our Marble Warehouse

Come to our marble Raleigh NC Showroom to check out our marble prices and marble remnants available. We custom design marble table tops, marble vanity, marble fireplace, fireplace surround, fireplace hearth, fireplace shelves, marble bathroom and fireplace designs.

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